Panda to the stars!  


Have you ever considered a personal accountancy service for your family’s finances? Well look no further than our Panda to the Stars service!  


This personal accountancy service is for your family finances and is designed specifically for you to monitor how your personal money is spent each month. We will monitor your family finances and present them to you on a monthly basis, treating them as if they are a business. This offering is all about organising your personal finances into a coherent, reportable and readily understandable format and involves collating all your personal documents in a “BCS Voucher Pouch” which we will process for you. We will then present you with a personal monthly Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet, detailing all your assets and liabilities clearly and showing your Net Worth.  


The Panda to the Stars service will initially involve working with you to collate a list of all your current investments, bank accounts, mortgages and loans in order to build up a comprehensive picture of your current status. Thereafter, BCS will work with you to maintain a comprehensive list of all investments, assets and liabilities along with contact names and addresses for inheritance tax purposes.  


Why use our BCS Panda to the Stars service? The reasons are....  


  • Our Panda to the Stars service sits conveniently between you and your year-end tax advisers as it will enable us to pass over a comprehensive set of documents making the completion of your year-end tax return simpler and more efficient;
  • This service offers a clear and concise way to understand your personal finances in order to help you and your family budget more effectively thus illustrating with clarity how and where your family money is spent each month;
  • To make more efficient use of your money;
  • To help you invest more effectively; and
  • To maintain an ongoing list of all your assets and liabilities.


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