Business Advisory  


Our team welcomes the opportunity to work with you at every development stage of your business and additional services that BCS provides include internal due diligence for established businesses seeking further financing, funding, investment, mergers and the like, along with CFO/COO functions. In this capacity, we can act as an independent "sounding board" for you to further develop your business and raise funds, working with your Board to devise and implement strategies, manage investor expectations, and plan for potential exit strategies by offering you a mentoring resource.


In order to provide such business advice we welcome the chance to work closely with you to fully understand your business model and identify future opportunities available to you and your business.


“If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right.“ – Henry Ford





Through a panel of experienced experts, led by Professor Alan Barrell, Chairman of Cambridge Worldwide Associates, BCS offers funding and financing advice to all those thinking of starting up a business, those in the process of forming a new enterprise and those struggling with growth and financing of an existing business.

If you're asking yourself the following question: How To Raise The Cash To Get Your Business Off The Ground... BCS is here to help.

As illustrated in our 'How We Work' section, all of our services commence with an initial free consultation and assessment followed by a tailor made service provision at pre-agreed consulting rates.

BCS can assist you with the consultation process of obtaining funding and financing for your business, throughout it's life cycle.

Particular areas in which BCS can work closely with you, are:

1. Access to Finance and Sources of Finance:

  • Introduction to banks who may offer Business Loans and/or support via Business & Overdraft Facilities
  • Government Grants
  • Equity Finance
  • Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme
  • Asset Based Finance
  • Pension Led Funding
  • Corporate Venturing
  • Crowdfunding
  • Business Angels and Venture Capital

2. Developing a Business Plan to incorporate and utilise these financing options.

3. Establishing accounting and other processes to align with the proposed Business Plan and producing these on an ongoing/monthly/quarterly basis for Board review and consideration.

4. Preparing to approach and present to investors.

5. From Idea to Market – Once you've established yourself or your business, BCS will be there for ongoing financing advice throughout the life cycle of your business.

6. Understanding how investors value businesses.


A range of publications are available, including recent books such as “Show Me The Money – Raising Money for Your Business” – by Barrell, Gill and Rigby – see below.*


If this sounds like something which could help you on your way, why not talk to us, or if you want to learn more about this area, why not consider attending one of our free seminars.


*"In difficult and uncertain times, entrepreneurial ideas thrive. But ideas can only get you so far and many entrepreneurs fail when they come to the major hurdle, how to find the money necessary to get their business off the ground.

Show Me The Money is about enabling you, the entrepreneur, to understand smart money and the people who provide it so that you can access the right type of funding for your venture as easily as possible.

Running a business is a complex process and there are no shortcuts. The guidance in Show Me The Money will help you to evaluate your business, determining what stage you're at, when you will need investment, and how much. It explains the different sources of finance, from banks and government initiatives to angel investor networks and venture capital."

{modal|width=960|height=540|Title=Show Me The Money}Meet Alan on video{/modal} with the book about raising cash to get a business off the ground.