“Procrastination is the thief of time” Night Thoughts (1742–5) by the English poet and dramatist Edward Young (1683–1765)



Our client based processes are very practical and straightforward:

Step One:
Initial client contact with a BCS Team member.

Step Two:
Free of charge consultation with no further obligation.

Step Three:
BCS report, recommendations and proposal; in confidence and free of charge.

Step Four:
Final proposal and work schedule - provided in most cases without charge (in some cases preliminary research or preparation may be needed and in these circumstances the expenses will be agreed with you in advance). Proposals will include clear budget outlines, providing details of costs, time allocations and the work schedule going forward. 

We will never tie you to contracts or agreements with BCS for longer than you wish. We only state a 30 day notice period in our Engagement Letters so that you have total flexibility in relation to your accounts and financial affairs.